Cook custom recipes
that fight food waste

4/5 people cook less than 10 recipes yearly. You don't need more recipes. Rather, you need an app that discovers simple recipes that fit your fridge, your taste and your nutrition.
You get...
1. Your individualized recipe app
Get a cooking app that helps you fight food waste and eat more veggies - without compromising on taste.
  • Find recipes for the ingredients you have in your fridge
  • Get recipe-inspiration that fit your taste
  • Get ingredients for your health goals
  • Customize the recipes with substitutes and spices that fit your taste profile.
2. Your personal sweet spot infographic
What if you didn't even need a recipe to cook?

This individualized poster helps you cook without a recipe. Read more here.

All ingredients in the poster are YOUR top flavor and nutrition matches.

Put it on your fridge or inside your kitchen wall.
3. Learn how to cook anything Indian, Thai, Mexican,...
Along with your above individualized poster, you also get 8 infographics that help you cook any regional dish without a recipe (Read more here).:

🇮🇳 Indian
🇹🇭 Thai
🇨🇳 Chinese
🇯🇵 Japanese
🇮🇹 Italian
🇫🇷 French
🇱🇧 Middle Eastern
🇲🇽 Mexican

With these three offerings, you'll learn to cook simple and delicious without following a recipe - while fighting foodwaste.