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Michael Haase
September 1, 2020
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Don’t like cilantro? Can’t tolerate gluten? Plant Jammer’s chefs and data scientists have developed a Digital Chef, which lets you seamlessly personalize your online recipe. It is driven by a combination of AI and flavor science that help protect the taste and integrity of a recipe, while allowing for personalization.

This technology won the IBM Watson AI Prize, the Creative Business Cup 2018, and the Green Entrepreneur of the Year award by Veggie World 2019. In July 2020, Plant Jammer received a €4mn investment from Miele Ventures, Dr. Oetker, and the Danish VC Vækstfonden.

Are you curious to find out what the technology feels like? We display the technology in our own app "Plant Jammer" – it was downloaded 800,000 times with 100.000 active users on iOS and Android.

Would you like to add dynamic recipes to your own site or app? The Plant Jammer API helps recipe sites and apps add dynamic recipes that optimize retention rates, user activity, and user satisfaction by creating a personalization tool that users can interact with.

Why are we doing it? The problem with online recipes today is that they often have negative retention rates

Today, most visitors to recipe sites cook the same 10 recipes on repeat. However, after a handful of visits they don't come back, because they already learnt and memorized how to cook those dishes. From a pure ROI perspective, this leads to a low return on a recipe developers' work. But it doesn't have to be that way!

Plant Jammer’s proposed solution

The Plant Jammer technology allows visitors to discover new adaptations of recipes they know and love. We call it ’dynamic recipes’. With dynamic recipes, users will be able to twist it to their own preference for local availability, price, health, taste, and sustainability. Importantly, they will keep on coming back to the same online recipe, to discover the next adaptation, improving the ROI on the recipe.

Need an example? Here is a small clickable prototype for how it could work in Gold&Green recipes.

How it works

The Plant Jammer AI technology creates ’dynamic recipes’ with 4 particular unique features:

  • Personalize it. In the recipe, any ingredient can be substituted with its best gastronomical alternatives.
  • Twist it. Delightful twists are proposed to the recipe to make it for example, more sustainable, high protein, low calorie, vegan, and 50 other proposed ’twists’.
  • Taste guarantee. Every recipe comes with a ’panick button’ that teaches visitors how to adapt a recipe if the visitor finds it too salty, bitter, spicy, or even if it's just too boring.
  • Identify potential future 'classics'. Plant Jammer’s neural networks analyzes recipe data to determine which recipes or dishes a visitor is most likely to incorporate into their diet, based on their behavior and that of similar other users.

Want to add dynamic recipes to your site? Or convert the recipes you already have, into dynamic recipes? The Plant Jammer API helps your own designers and developers add their own favorite dynamic features for their target groups.

Key Benefits of the solution

  • Better recipes: Your visitors will experience personalization of their recipes at a completely new level - they can substitute any ingredient in a recipe (based on spices, tastes or allergies), and even twist a recipe with a particular purpose, e.g., 'make it kid friendly', add a health goal, or change the texture preference. This creates popular interactive recipes on your site that visitors will come back to week-after-week; optimizing retention rates, user activity, and user satisfaction.
  • Better data: You will understand your visitors better, what archetypes they are and what they like. This can be used for lead generation, for better recipes, and even better food product development. Importantly, the created gastronomical data and user data will be your property, not Plant Jammer’s. In fact, Plant Jammer won't even access the user data.
  • Better development: Cheaper and faster development of new recipes to respond to your visitors' needs. Our recipe engine can use old recipe frames to create more diversity cheaper and faster, instead of developing recipes from scratch every time.

How to get started

To get started, Plant Jammer can run a pilot to prove the value of a dynamic recipe on your site or app. Within a few weeks, a pilot can be running for the most popular recipe(s) on your site. If the pilot provides significant improvements in engagement and retention on your site, we can expand and create full-on dynamic recipes on your site.

Are you interested in more? Feel free to reach-out to Plant Jammer’s CEO:

Read more about the technology behind.

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