Plant Jammer receives €4 million in an international investment round to help inspire a billion people towards plant-based diets

Michael Haase
August 25, 2020
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Don’t like cilantro? Cannot tolerate gluten? Plant Jammer’s team has developed a Digital Chef, which allows users to seamlessly pick and substitute ingredients and volumes in any recipe. Their combination of AI and food and flavor science protect the taste and integrity of the recipe, while allowing personalization for local discounts, health, taste, or sustainability.

Plant Jammer offers a virtual helping hand to people seeking inspiration and guidance in order to prepare delicious, healthy and sustainable meals. The company turns the idea of a recipe on its head by instantly and dynamically creating inspiring plant-based food recipes based upon available ingredients – using a combination of artificial intelligence, deep data and food and flavor science.

”Our declared mission is to help 1 billion people across the globe eat sustainably,” says Michael Haase, the founder and CEO of Plant Jammer. ”Traditional sustainability is often supply-driven, where for example factories produce plant- based meats, electric cars, or more effective power plants. Plant Jammer takes a different approach: we provide the end consumers themselves the inspiration and tools they need to make a pro-active choice, to enable them to break habits and create a greener lifestyle – and to share their experience with their friends”, says Michael Haase.

“Plant Jammer is helping people move towards plant-based diets AND reduce food waste - two of the largest and most important issues on the planet that we have to address in order to reach our global climate goals. Many people want to do this, but few people know how - or where to start. Michael and his team know how; they are applying deep science in a unique way to help make health and sustainability part of people’s daily lives,” says Eric-Alan Rapp, partner in VF Venture – the direct investment arm of Vækstfonden, Denmark’s sovereign investment fund.

More than 100.000 households in Germany, UK, US, and Denmark are already using Plant Jammer to eat healthier, reduce meat consumption and minimize food waste.

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About Plant Jammer:

Michael Haase founded Plant Jammer in 2016 to create a more sustainable food chain by empowering home kitchens. Today, Plant Jammer has 15 employees and more than 100.000 users across US, UK, Germany, and Denmark. Plant Jammer has packaged their recipe technology into an API accessible for anyone with recipes on an app or website. In addition to the Plant Jammer consumer app, the company’s technology is helping empower the global green transition via a growing list of corporate customers and partners such as Miele and Dr. Oetker – both of whom decided to invest in the company.

Plant Jammer won the IBM Watson AI Prize, the Creative Business Cup 2018, and Green Entrepreneur of the Year award by Veggie World 2019.

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