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What’s new in Plant Jammer

Michael Haase16. September 2019

We had a busy September already. Here’s what’s new

Remember, despite a lot of new stuff – the core of Plant Jammer is the same: We let you decide your dinner in two simple and fun steps: 1) Choose ingredients you want or have in your fridge, 2) Get a recipe based on EXACTLY your chosen ingredients.

So… what’s new? 3 things:

(1) Now, you can keep stock of what’s left in your fridge and create recipes for it

We added something called ’ingredient lists’. This makes it easy to save your ’pantry’ and make recipes from it.

(2) Now, you can make weekly mealplans

We added a calendar, where you can easily add your recipes for planning, shopping, and nutritional tracking.

(3) Now, you can fix your dishes’ nutrition

You get a calorie overview for all recipes, and an ability to change volumes to modify your dinner’s calorie distribution.

We are super excited about these changes. What would you like us to develop next?

We like to listen to our users and add features based on their suggestions.

Want your say? Write your suggestions to us on, or via the in-app chat messages.

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