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Click the dashboard below to explore baseline data from 1.6 mil. cooking sessions
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Examples of questions the data can answer

“What’s the next plant-based product to develop for millenial flexitarians in urban Northern Europe?”

“Does my target group want ‘whole cut’ versions of plant-based meats, or would they rather have new flavor profiles for my ‘plant based mince’?”

“Which type of plant-based protein would my target group prefer: Soy, peas, ancient grains,...?”

“What is the most important ingredient to get rid of in my product to make it more ‘clean label’?”

“Will ‘alcohol free cocktail mixers’ be popular with my consumer group?”

“Should I focus my next ads and positioning on my packaging on the fact that my products are ‘organic’ or ‘gluten-free’?"

Get your for your targeted group in just 5 days
3 /observation
We collect the data  on your target group
You get all data in a dashboard, available real-time
All data is benchmarked relative to relevant personas from our dataset of 1.6 mn cooking sessions over the past 6 years


for 100 observations

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