Why did we change our app?

We didn't want to. Early March, Google Play suddenly threw our app off their app store. We were not able to update the app, so we had to build a completely new app. If you want the old one, you can access it below.

Any questions - write me on michael@plantjammer.com.

Good news - if you miss it, you can get the old app below:
Apple believed in us unlike google - so you can still access the original Plant Jammer app on the Appstore.

Pssst. Apple is more focused on privacy than Google, so this is strong proof that we're right.

More context about Google Play cancelling the old app:

Google cancelled our old app because they claimed we asked for a phone's location (country) without consent. However, we don't! Also Apple has confirmed that why it's still on their appstore... Nevertheless, Google wouldn't budge, and simply took our app off their platform.

Hence, Google forced us to build a new app.

About the new app

This is what we did to build the new app right: We interviewed 50 power users to understand how they used the old app, then developed a prototype to solve their biggest pains and tested it

Before launching, we asked all customers to try the new app and give feedback: 85% preferred the new version and only 5% preferred the old.

Here's a bit more about how the new app works.

Why did we kill the 'Tastewheel', menu planning, saving recipes in-app, and week planning features?
We had no intention dropping all these features, but we are just a 1 person team and don't have the resources to build the whole app one more time, sadly. So we focused on the most impactful and loved parts of the app. So sorry if you loved the parts of the app we dropped - those features made the app more complete, but also more complicated.

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