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This experience has one purpose: To help your customers fight food waste at home. Get it on your site for free - benefit from our 6 year effort with UX and recipes with more than 1 million app users and 16 professional chefs.
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"It facilitates cooking a healthy recipe with what you have at home"
Recipe app user
"This product gave me many ideas for great recipes I could cook that I hadn't even thought about!"
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"I love it! I have been looking for something like this for ages! It's so useful and simple to use."
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"This is a really nice idea! It helped me with my dinner today."
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"Great tool. It really helps to create a dish with whatever I have at home."
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Use cases

“I want to fight food waste - with my customers”

The Dynamic Recipes are made for getting great recipes based on what the consumer already has.

“I want to show how our food product is super versatile”

Our technology allows you to easily include your food product in all relevant recipes.

“I have food products on sale and/or close to expiry”

With one click we can position several products upfront in search for recipes.

“I want to help my audience eat healthy, by sharing my personalized nutrition advise”

Got a particular set of ingredient and dishes to propose to a subset of your audience? In 20 minutes we can add filters and masks to your recipe experience, so it is personalized.

“I am looking for ways to improve our Direct-to-Consumer channel”

We make the recipes shoppable directly with your website or a retailer.

“I want to test a food product I consider developing”

Our journey is perfect for dedicated tests of preferences (e.g., vegan vs gluten-free?). We also add your own product survey at the end of the recipe experience to give you tailored learnings.

“I want to inspire my customers to eat local and seasonal”

We can nudge for local and seasonal ingredients within the recipes. Ingredients, products, and dishes can be adapted for each experience.

“I want to provide inspiration for eating more plant-based”

You can get a fully plant-based experience and inspire people by pushing vegan ingredient choices and recipes. It's just a few clicks to enable it!

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Empty fridge

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