Fight food waste on your website

The “Empty your fridge” widget engages your community to act together.

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adapt to your product

It's versatile

The widget adapts to your product and recipes, whether you are a large supermarket or a small baking company.

adapt to your brand identity

Customize it

Colors, fonts, and logo are adapted to your visual identity.

HOW to insert on your own website

1. Get ready made recipes

We have the recipes: thousands of tested recipes in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, and Swedish. And you'll get access to all of them.

2. Don't worry about code

Insert it in your website with 1 line of code in 5 minutes. Easily adapt the colors, font, logo to your visual identity.

3. Personalize it to suit your brand

Personalize it without programmers: You choose which ingredients and dishes to display. You can even add your own recipes

Agata, our software developer, explains how to implement the widget on your site.

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What's in it for you?


The phrase "empty your fridge" sparks curiosity. Expect reduced bounce rates by 20-50% and increased time-on-page by 2-3X.


Elevate your brand by engaging your customers to fight food waste - that contributes to a higher NPS for your company.


What foods do your visitors like and dislike? Find out in your dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

What is a 'dynamic recipe'? 

Suppose a visitor is missing an ingredient at home and is too lazy to run to the store. Our AI will then suggest suitable substitutes for this ingredient. The quality will remain the same, as our technology looks through a large database of gastronomical data to find the best matches for the recipe.

How does the widget work?

A simple snippet of code is installed on your website. You can make visual adaptations to match your company’s brand identity. Each time a customer interacts with the widget, a call is made to Plant Jammer’s API - in order to generate a custom made recipe that can be adapted by the end user. The recipe can be saved or sent to the users mail.

Does it work for my brand? 

Yes! See how we’ve adapted the widget to a wide variety of brands. We’re able to adhere to many needs, whether it’s for a large supermarket or a small baking company.

How do I get it on my site? 

A simple snippet of code can be implemented on your website. Adapt the widget to suit your brands visual style. The widget is fully responsive and works on many devices.

How can we, as a brand, benefit from this?

It’s brand building around sustainability. On top, the widget allows you to filter the search results and the initial choice of proposed ingredients from your fridge, so it only finds the recipes you want with your products. This will result in increased sales, and provides an opportunity for story-telling about your products, their versatility, and how they can be used as a vector for fun and sustainable cooking.

What does it cost? 

Getting the widget on your site costs €1000/month, and includes our full set of recipes adapted for your products and target group.

Startups pricing

Are you a small sustainable startup? We give a weekly startup grant: You can get the widget for free for 2 months. After the 2 months, you'll get an 80% discount for another 10 months. Apply by filling in your details in the form below.

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