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Are you a food company? Get a recipe experience on your website for your products that works.

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The widget adapts to your product and recipes, whether you are a large supermarket or a small baking company.

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Here are 6 examples you can try. We can tailor it for your particular product, dishes, and personas:

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What's in it for you?


"Empty your fridge" will reduce bounce rates by 20% and increase time spent on page by 25% on your website.


Attract more visitors to your website.
Engagement increases SEO, and we help you run better campaigns.


Get a monthly data dashboard - to understand what your customers cook with your products.

It's easy to implement

It's just one line of html to insert on your site.

In this video, Agata, our software developer, explains how:

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Frequently asked questions

Why get this?

Most food brands spend a lot of time and more than €1000 to make just one recipe... and they don't even work! Simple recipes with beautiful pictures have high bounce rates and low time-spent-on-page --- so they don't help you engage with your customers. On the contrary, we engineered this recipe experience from 5 years of developing a succesful recipe app to truly excite and engage your website visitors with recipes that they can use every day.

The 3 ways your brand benefits from this

1) You increase engagement on your site, which improves SEO. 2) You make your customers into food waste heroes - and they will thank you for it! 3) We sharee a monthly data dashboard describing how your visitors use your product - armed with better data you will understand your customers better.

How do I get it on my site? 

One line of HTML code can be inserted on your website, like this. Adapt the widget to suit your brands visual style. The widget is fully responsive and works on all devices.

What is the technology behind this? 

Once you insert the code on your page, each time a customer interacts with product, a call is made to Plant Jammer’s API, in order to generate a customized recipe that can be adapted by the end-user. Our Artificial Intelligence suggest the best foodpairs and substitutes for the users' ingredients. The quality is ensured by always capturing a 'balanced' meal with umami, sour, sweet, aromas, and texture complementarity. Our technology looks through a large database of gastronomical data to find the best matches for the recipe within that balance, and updates the quantities and instructions accordingly.

What does it cost? 

You get a free trial for 7 days to first get proof that it works before paying. If you want to keep the widget on your site, it costs €1000/month in subscription, but we give an 80% discount for sustainable startups.

Startups pricing

Are you a small sustainable startup? We give a weekly startup grant: You can get the widget for free for 2 months. After the 2 months, you'll get an 80% discount for another 10 months. Apply by writing us on

What we need from you to personalize it

To implement this for you, and tailor it to your company, we just need to know 3 things about your company: 1) Your languages (we have this available in 15 languages), 2) Your food products and what makes them special, 3) Which types of recipes work for your target group. When we know these 3 things, we can send you a first prototype for a 30 day trial. Fill out the form above or send your details to