How to implement 'Empty your fridge'

You can implement it immediately for free by following one of the guides below. If you want a version with your own colors, fonts, recipes or products, reach out to use via the demo form. This page helps you quickly implement a standardized 'empty your fridge' product on your website or as a social media post. You won't need any developers to do it.

Option 1

Put it on your own website

What it is: You can embed it directly on your own website. It can be done in 20 minutes, even for non-programmers, just follow the guide.

Popular when: You have a consumer facing website and want to increase traffic & engagement, while learning what your visitors like to cook.
Put it on your site

Option 2

Share via your Social media or mail list

What it is: Get a direct URL for the product and share it on whatever channels you prefer, like a IG/FB Story, through a newsletter, etc.

Popular when: You prefer a quick experiment on social media rather than implementing it on your website.
Put it on SoMe
Want the data without implementation on your site?
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