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Here’s all you need to publish ‘Empty Your Fridge’ to your community.

Fight food waste

Empower your community to ‘Empty their Fridge’ to fight food waste.
45% of food waste happens in the home - let's do something about it together!

How to do engage your community

Get an empty fridge product for your products from Plant Jammer - you can alternatively use this generally optimized version:  https://inspiration.plantjammer.com/?api_key=pj.FRcTtS2p74BLrs9BeF9NaeMQOtm
Download the video below, then share the video on your preferred platform together with the link.

Here's your video to go with the link

We created a non-branded video, free to use! The video has been tested & optimized for maximum reach, click-through rate, and engagement:

We prepared the above video in several formats. Choose the platform you wish to share on:

Want the video in a different language? Want your brand’s logo in the video? Want your own products or recipes in there.  Write us on hello@plantjammer.com