Implementation guide for the Recipe App

This page will guide you to easily get your Recipe App in front of your customers.
You can implement the free version without receiving data insights, or you can get your own version including data insights. To get your own, book a demo and we'll help you getting your credentials.

Not a programmer? Don't worry! Our implementation guide makes it feasible for non-programmers, and doesn't require more than 20-30 minutes to implement. As long as you can access the HTML editor for your website. If in doubt, just ask your technical colleague or reach out to us!

We are still working on improving our implementation guide. If you have any feedback or questions we are happy to receive it.

choose your Prefered option

Where do you want to publish the Recipe App?

There are different ways of getting your PJ Recipe App in front of your customers.
We recommend embedding it directly on your own site because it gives the best data insight results.

Embed directly on website

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Recommended use:

  • Directly on your website - the most immersive experience

Button inside a box

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Recommended use:

  • Inside a newsletter
  • On your website - a more subtle visual compared to the iframe

Direct link for social media

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Recommended use:

  • Social media - stories and ads, like an IG story or a Facebook Campaign

Option 1: Embed directly on your website

Pick your favorite

This is recommended for the most immersive experience for your customers. There is only small variation in these two options below. If in doubt, start with the easiest setup, you can always change it later.

Easy setup, good responsiveness


  • Easiest setup. You only need to insert one code snippet in one place in your website's HTML


  • The Recipe App's height might be longer than the total screen height on most mobile devices. This means that users will have to scroll up & down in order to see all the content inside the App

Medium setup, perfect responsiveness


  • Responsiveness is performing perfectly for any device


  • Requires a few more steps - but it's not a lot!

Option 2: box with a button

Simple square box or responsive box?

Not a programmer? Don't worry! Both options are easy and can be done in less than 20 minutes.
As long as you can access the HTML editor for your website. If you are in doubt, just ask your technical colleague or reach out to us!

A squared box that always has the same size

A box that adjusts its width to the screen size

Option 3: share with direct link

Which case applies to you?

Use Social Media to easily share the Recipe App with your followers

Case 1: 

"I just want to share the free app - the data is not relevant"


  • None

How to use:

  • Just copy this URL:
  • Paste it on your preferred Social Media channel
  • Get image content: Create your own or use PJ’s image library (copyright free).

Case 2: 

"I want to share my version of the app and collect data insights"


  • You have been in contact with Plant Jammer and received your own URL link.

How to use: