What you get for €9
1. Your personal sweet spot one-pager
An individualized one-pager that is tailored for your individualized sweet spot:
  • 10 most relevant recipes
  • 10 most important spices
  • 10 top vegetables
  • 10 top proteins and fibers
These lists are given in a one-pager to put on your fridge or inside your spice closet.
2. Your individualized recipe app
An individualized app that...
  • Proposes recipes in your sweet spot
  • Gives ingredients for your health goals
  • Suggests substitutes and spices fitting to your flavor mapping
Pay via Stripe by clicking below. We will match the mail in the Stripe form with the mail in the survey response to send you the results.

€9 too much? Would you rather give a 30 minute user interview? Once weekly we give one free package in return for an interview about cooking and personalization. Are you interested? Write me on michael@plantjammer.com