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How does it work? 

1. Make your page

In less than 1 hour you can create your own page with recipes for your product.

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How does it work? 

2. Set up recipes

Create new recipes in no time for your page.

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How does it work? 

3. Enjoy dynamic recipes

Watch your users engage with your products in dynamic recipes.

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How does it work? 

4. Grow your tribe

Your recipes can be published on your own website. Our interactive features boost your SEO and visitor love.

See how Wasa did it

“If a customer is gluten intolerant or doesn’t like cilantro, they can adapt your recipes with the click of a button.”

Michael, Plant Jammer's CEO, explains how recipe collections work

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Frequently asked questions

What is a 'dynamic recipe'? 

Suppose a visitor is missing an ingredient at home and is too lazy to run to the store. Our AI will then suggest suitable substitutes for this ingredient. The quality will remain the same, as our technology looks through a large database of gastronomical data to find the best matches for the recipe.

How does the recipe collection work?

A simple snippet of code is installed on your website. You can make visual adaptations to match your company’s brand identity. Each time a customer interacts with a recipe, a call is made to Plant Jammer’s API - in order to generate a custom made experience that can be adapted by the end user. The recipe can be saved or sent to the users mail.

Does it work for my brand? 

See how we’ve adapted the collections to a wide variety of brands. We’re able to adhere to many needs, whether it’s for a large supermarket or a small baking company.

How do I get it on my site? 

A simple snippet of code can be implemented on your website. Adapt the collection to suit your brand's visual style. The collection is fully responsive and works many devices.

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