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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

To enable all of our features, Plant Jammer needed a super intelligent AI chef that can rapidly and easily build recipes that fit the ingredients available to you! In order to achieve this, we combine 3 different technologies:

We trained a neural network with 3 million recipes in order to build an “internet of food.” Each recipe is essentially a confirmation of a set of ingredients that go well together. The result is a “landscape of flavor” in which ingredients that tend to go well together are found close to one another.

Plant Jammer also recruited “human intelligence” by talking to professional chefs to develop the core components of good flavor (see the Gastro Wheel above). Our algorithm proposes an ingredient from each component in order to attain a great dish.

Lastly, Plant Jammer designed and built a modular approach to recipes. This allows you to pick ingredients while at the same time seeing our algorithm in action as it re-orders the ingredients in real time. The top ingredients being the best pairs with what you’ve already selected!

When combining these 3 technologies, the end result is a super flexible and easy to use “personal chef in your pocket!”

What exactly can the app do for me?

We have 4 amazing features in Plant Jammer:

Empty Your Fridge: Select the ingredients you have in your fridge and pantry, then our algorithm builds some fantastic dishes for you to choose from.

Inspirations: Get an INFINITE amount of inspirations for different types of dishes, choosing between regions, flavors and even nutritional themes such as protein rich, fibre rich, low glycemic loads or even high antioxidant content.

Build a Recipe: Select a dish type that you’re craving and let our AI help pair the best ingredients for it!

Who are you?

We are a start-up based in Copenhagen, Denmark founded 2 years ago by Michael Haase, a former McKinsey consultant. Our team now consists of 8 programmers and 2 food scientists. We have received investments from 3 angel investors and Miele Ventures.

How is Plant Jammer going to help the world?

We believe that once we show the world how easy, delicious and healthier plant-based eating is, people will change their behaviours on their own.

Why did you start Plant Jammer?

Our ultimate mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to more sustainable food in order to preserve a better future. We believe that sustainable eating means 2 simple things: more plant-based eating and less food waste!

What is Plant Jammer?

It’s an app that is a personal chef in your pocket! Plant Jammer helps you build plant-based dishes using the ingredients right in front of you. With the help of AI and machine learning, we help you pair which ingredients go well together for you to enjoy a 5 star meal every time!

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