The 'Tastewheel'

The ‘Tastewheel’ holds the key behind any tasteful dishes: Balance!
What are the components?
  • Base: These are your veggies and grains. Their key role: Making you full.
  • Spices: Aromas add character to your dish. Maximize their flavor by frying them with oil, alcohol, and sours.
  • Umami: Gives depth to your taste. 'Umami' is not something magical and artistic only Michelin chefs do - to get umami you just need to add an umami ingredient to your dish.
  • Sweet: Sweetness is not always unhealthy - and it adds balance and depth to your dish. Lacking flavor? Add a bit of sweetness.
  • Sour: No-one likes vinegar by itself... but sourness adds balance to any dish. Always add some!
  • Toppings: Add that extra oumph with something crunchy, aromatic, and beautiful.
Pssst... Of course you should always also add salt ;-)
The 'Tastewheel' can be customized: To focus on a particular health target (high protein, low carb, antioxidants etc), ingredients from a particular cuisine (Thai, Indian, Italian,....), or food pairings to a seasonal local ingredient (kale, eggplant,...).

How to use the Tastewheel

Create your dish

A tasteful includes  1-3 ingredients from each grouping + salt.

Pimp your dish

Run through the Tastewheel as a checklist, making sure you’re not missing any flavor.
Learn how to use the Tastewheel