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product #1

Empty your fridge

Let's fight food waste together. With this widget you and your customers can create smarter recipes together. Promote your products and prevent waste.

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product #2

Smart recipe collection

In need of great recipes for your product, fast? Get dynamic recipes onto your site with one line of code.

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Frequently asked questions

We already have thousands of recipes - are yours better?

Maybe not, but the way we make the experience of discovering a recipe is 10X better. Check it out here:

Will this work for our perfected and internally tested recipes?

Our products create recipes for your brand that are different than normal recipes. These recipes are flexible and playful. Test them with a target group to see how they are perceived!

Will this work for my brand? 

Sure! See how we’ve adapted the widget to a wide variety of brands. We’re able to adhere to many needs, whether it’s for a large supermarket or a small baking company.

How do I get them on my site? 

A simple snippet of code can be implemented on your website. Adapt the 'widget' and 'recipe collection' to suit your brand's visual style. They're fully responsive and work many devices.

How can we, as a brand, benefit from this?

Our products provide brand-building focused on sustainability. This will result in increased sales, and provides an opportunity for story-telling about your products, their versatility, and how they can be used as a vector for fun and sustainable cooking.

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