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Plant Jammer Hackathon: Hack the way people eat, with AI!

Patric Linssen20. November 2020

Hack the way people eat, with AI!

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Do you want to be part of shaping the way people think of food and recipes? Then join us for a Plant Jammer Hackathon on the weekend of the 11th-13th of December. You will get exclusive access to our GraphQL-based API and have the opportunity to build the most user-friendly and intuitive functionality possible, solving for the following challenge: How to enable people to reduce food waste by cooking with ingredients they already have at home?

About our AI
Over the last four years, Plant Jammer has developed the world’s first gastronomical AI that was trained with over a million recipes. It can match ingredients based on gastronomical data to create delicious recipes and can be used as a smart chef to empower people cooking at home, helping with sustainable food choices, and reducing food waste.

Vision behind the challenge
While the world is currently busy fighting COVID, the climate crisis is slowly growing to become the biggest challenge of our century. It is a crisis we have to fight on many fronts. One of them is the way we eat today which has massive implications on the climate. We want to help battle the crisis by changing the world’s dietary habits - and we hope that you will join us! 

Plant Jammer’s mission is to empower 1 billion people around the world to eat healthier and more sustainable food while reducing food waste and meat consumption.

We are looking for all creative problem solvers out there with coding, web, or app development skills and invite you to “Hack the way people eat” with us! Keeping the challenge in mind, you are free to build your own product or features - while having access to our ingredient database, our Neural Networks for foodpairing and substitutions, and billions of modular recipes.
Your task: Build a team, come up with an idea to solve the challenge, code a prototype of your solution, prepare a short pitch presentation of your solution, and submit a demo video of your solution in time. Based on the demo video you submit, your solution will get judged by an expert jury based on relevant success criteria (see below).

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  • You have to use our GraphQL-based API in the solution you are developing.
  • As a final submission you have to upload a video that includes footage that clearly explains your solution’s features and functionality through a comprehensive demonstration.


Time Plan

11.12. Friday 17:30 CET - Welcome call with introduction to our API (will be recorded)
12.12. Saturday 10:00 CET - Morning check-in - Update and Q&A Call 
13.12. Sunday 10:00 CET - Morning check-in - Update and Q&A Call 
13.12. Sunday 15:00 CET - Deadline for final submission 
13.12. Sunday 17:00 CET - Presentations and award ceremony


Judging Criteria 

  • Innovation impact
  • Feasability
  • UX Design
  • Technology
  • Use of API

(more details to judging criteria will follow)



How does a virtual hackathon work?
You can be wherever you want to be and join us virtually. We will have some video calls for updates. The main communication channel will be through Slack, where you can find team members, create a channel for your team, and find us in case of questions.

I will not be able to be no time (on Friday or Sunday). Can I still participate?
Don’t worry. The welcome call will be recorded and a link for the video will be shared. So you can also join later and watch the video. On Sunday you musst keep the deadline of submitting your final demo video by latest 15:00 CET. You can of course submit earlier if needed. The awards ceremony will also be recorded and shared afterwards.

I'm a beginner and I don’t know how to code. Can I still participate?
Yes! The focus is obviously to work with our GraphQL API which requires coding skills, but every good solution needs to be well designed, focusing on user needs, and be user friendly. So designers and participants who can help conceptualize and keep the focus on the user journey are welcome too. 

What if I don’t have a team?
You can register as an existing team or as an individual and you can find teammates at the beginning of the hackathon. There will be specific slack channels to support matching the right people to build strong teams. The slack account will be opened a few days before the hackathon, so you can start building your team already beforehand. We highly recommend working in teams of 3-5 but smaller or larger teams are allowed as well.

Who can I contact in case of questions?
You can always right us via email to: During the hackathon it will be easiest to write is via Slack. There will be dedicated slack channels to contact us or raise any other questions or needs you might have in regards to the hackathon.


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