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Share directly via your channels

Share our product simply with a URL leading directly to it. No need to implement anything - just share the URL where you want (e.g., as an IG/FB Story or a Newsletter)


Step 1

Retrieve the URL:
Receive your personal URL from Plant Jammer.
To get your own URL, book a personal demo
This unlocks the ability to receive data among other benefits.
Book a demo

Or, if you want to use the free version, just use this URL: 

Free version comes without the possibility of getting your own data.

Step 2 (Optional)

Need some free and inspirational images for your story or post? You can use any from the Plant Jammer library here

Step 3

Now simply share the URL wherever you like. How about...

... making a story on IG/FB that piques curiosity for your followers, with a swipe up link to the URL
... sharing it in your next newsletter
... anywhere else you can think of - the more of your audience that engages with it, the better!

That's it! If you are a Subscriber you will receive a data dashboard from Plant Jammer
Need help?
Read our FAQ or reach out to us via the demo form.